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View Diary: Daily Kos World of Warcraft Guild: How to Get Started. (140 comments)

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  •  Warlock Marleorick Reporting. (5+ / 0-)

    (OK, kind of a dorky name I know - I just accepted the random one as I was not feeling too creative at that moment)

    I've played a bit casually before, but only solo PVE.  This is my first foray into the guild thing.  I sent an in-game message  and got a response from ML a couple days ago and am waiting for an invitation (I have no idea even what it takes to produce an invitation).

    I tried a battleground for the first time a couple days ago as a 19th level warlock.  Pickup groups with no coordination at all, no healers in evidence and nobody to cover my back and me a poor exposed warlock in my flimsy cloth armor and a pitiful handful of HPs.   Can you say "pinata"?  I should have set up a Barcalounger and mini-bar in the graveyard as that is where I basically lived.  Very frustrating - maybe some guild folk working together can make it better.

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