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    Moody Loner

    It's been a year or so, but I'm reinstalling WoW to join you, for me and my wife Joyce (who reads DKos but has not made an account)....can she join our guild without first becoming a Kossack?

    We like quests, exploring, chatting, helping people even newer than ourselves, crafting and seeing the sights of Norrath...errr, Azeroth.  We don't like PvP (though I sometimes enjoy the capture the flag games at lower levels)and did not enjoy raiding in EQ though we never got high enough to try it in WoW.  We mostly played alliance, though we did get a Tauren and Orc to around level 15.  We'll mostly be playing after 9 PM Eastern, and we can't play with voice activated cuz we have to be vewwy vewwy quiet.  Hope to see some of you tonight!

    (By the way, I am no longer on Puget Sound, having moved to Carolina, but have not changed my name on DKos because....well, just because).

    Rosa sat, so Martin could walk, So Barack could run, so our children can fly.

    by On Puget Sound on Fri Apr 17, 2009 at 09:46:30 PM PDT

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