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  •  Obama is a Fascist-Communist according ....... (3+ / 0-)
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    to the idiots who worked up this collection of "real" people (there were a few - those were correctly irritated over over the way the banks have treated TARP funds), self-serving politicians (Perry comes to mind), curiosity-seekers, disaffected youth, skin-heads, senile elders and genuine nut cases who believe the government is still hiding alien spacecraft from Roswell.

    However they were "organized" by mostly ludicrous sore losers who, lacking any real ideas, came together to vent their anger about everything and anything, but especially about losing an election that they thought they were entitled to win.

    How can Obama be both a Fascist (right wing) and a Communist (left wing)? Stalin and Mussolini were natural allies? Yeah, right. Their main similarity was that they were so far left and right that they almost met. They both produced basically similar totalitarian governments, based on their own egocentric cult of personality. Walt Kelly pointed this out in regard to Nazism vrs. Russian Communism in "Pogo" years ago, but the basic (at least espoused) political philosophies were at core quite different. Don't these people ever read history books?  Beside it is a little odd to call Obama a Fascist when you have skin heads and Neo-Nazis in your own crowd.

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