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  •  DT, I believe the anti-tax movement (2+ / 0-)
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    Support Civil Liberty, theal8r

    probably has legs.

    It's not taxes per se that are the perceived wrong.

    It's how tax revenue is spent.

    On this point, I think there is the possibility of the Left and Right coming together, over bailouts and maybe some other reckless spending.

    •  good luck (0+ / 0-)

      getting tea-baggers to support bank nationalization and more stimulus spending.

    •  BS (3+ / 0-)
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      shpilk, echatwa, Blue Knight

      Bush passes a tax cut and it's OMG TAX CUTS! The media can't fall over themselves fast enough to talk about how he cut taxes. Obama cuts taxes for 95% of America and they throw tea parties.

      These tea party people aren't pissed that government is wasting money. They're pissed that government is spending money. That the government exists at all. In their mind it would be better if we just stopped spending money. It's like Mark Sanford cloned himself and started a movement.

      Depending on your political stripes you see programs you don't support as wasteful spending. If you're a pacifist you see the DoD budget as completely wasteful. If you're a hard ass neocon you see every social program as wasteful spending. If you're a libertarian nut job you see everything other than the power bill for the government shack as wasteful spending.

      Right now are hard times so people look at the amount being taken out of their check more than they do during bad times but there is no fundamental underpinning to say that there's this groundswell of support for less spending. Better spending yes, but that's the Barack Obama movement.

    •  Agreed (0+ / 0-)

      The crowds weren't "I don't want to pay taxes" crowds, they were about how the $$ are spent far off.  The $$ are going out of the country, being spent on war, being focused on banks that should have been allowed to fail.  There were certainly people at the parties who don't like taxes at all, but most of what I heard was about how it was being spent it was very, very anti-big business.

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