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  •  Rec'd to counter the hides (3+ / 0-)

    I don't know if we'd agree on everything but those are worthy considerations and you've a right to state your perspective... and it certainly doesn't hurt the party or the site so the troll rec'ing is inappropriate.

    The problem with the tea parties is not that everyone who went to one went with the wrong idea... the problem is that they're an organized Republican action meant to restrain Obama in moving forward with what are essentially good and necessary plans.  Plans that are necessary because the Bush administration's economic policies were extremely poor.

    Restraint in general is good... restraint right now would probably destroy the country.

    Consider that we're one of the only Western nations without a truly functional safety net system.  That has hurt us... quite demonstrably.  And it will continue to hurt us as we lag behind the rest of the Western world for idealogical reasons.  It's going to take some sweeping motions to undo what 8 years of Republicanism has done...

    ...and that's the problem with the tea parties.  They're directed at the wrong people.  

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