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    Munchkn, raf

    The poster is lashing out and has no answers. He/she chose to consort with 'the enemy' to make a point about how frustrated he/she is to satisfy an emotional craving.

    I read the responses down thread, and see no responsible plan of action to correct the course we are on, other than to prop up the institutions that provide the core of framework needed to make the economy work. The government must increase spending to offset the weakened economy. Every other nation on the planet is doing what we are doing to try to cope with this massive downturn.

    Yes, there is corruption in the financial industry, but this is nothing new, and people who think they can fix these problems while in the midst of an economic depression are delusional. Once the economy is back on a solid footing again, I have no doubt there will be prosecutions.

    Very few people at these protests are capable of remembering their names or tying their shoes. They are incoherent fools. The poster should be ashamed of letting his/her emotions run away and giving these mindless fools any succor or support.

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