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  •  just consider mathematically (0+ / 0-)

    that for Bush to have gotten > 50% of the popular vote, he'd have needed 12.6% more of the vote, and 12.6/18.9(Perot's vote)= 66.6% of Perot's vote, while Clinton only would need 7% more of the popular vote to get to 50% and 7/18.9=37%. And this assumes ALL PEROT VOTERS STILL VOTE. Clearly, many would have stayed home, which makes things even more impossible for Bush and easier for Clinton. Mathematically alone, Clinton had the election in a lock.

    If you don't trust the 1992 polling, why should we trust the 1994 polling? But if we're gonna talk the 1994 "revolution," then why not include the fact that turnout was low, and yes Perot voters went with Republicans, but that was because the political pendulum had swung. It doesn't mean they would have went with Bush in 1992 sans Perot at all. I respect your right to an "opinion," but when the only somewhat reliable metric to measure this kind of thing says that your idea that "That 14 percent that supported him at the end of the campaign were people that it's my personal opinion saw Clinton as an unacceptable solution and would have either stayed home or voted Bush" is wrong, I'll take the metric. Not all of Perot's voters actually voted in 1994 too, because if they all had, the result may have not been as bad.

    •  No you've convinced me... (0+ / 0-)

      It wouldn't have been the absolute ass kicking that Bush received though.

      The 14% was screwed or at least majority of it. They couldn't vote Republican because they hated Bush. They couldn't vote Clinton because he was a liberal so they had to vote Perot. The 1994 election was also about the south forgiving Republicans for reconstruction and voting for them again on a local level.

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