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    First, I should thank Devilstower for noting that the third party having tea was the Constitution Party, as opposed to saying it was the Libertarians.  At the Boston event, it was easy to tell the difference: the Boston tea event had the Massachusetts Family people speaking--homophobic bigots.  That's the opposite of Libertarian.

    (That's also why Ron Paul is no libertarian -- he'd be happy to support homophobia, abortion bans, and drug wars, just so long as it is done by individual states.)

    Second, several people raised the 'wasted vote' line.  We almost never see elections settled by one vote, Tedisco's and Coleman's efforts to turn their losses into one vote wins notwithstanding. I am reminded of a conversation I had, around 1997, with a Republican--a reactionary, authoritarian Republican.

    "I would never vote for a third party.  It's a wasted vote because third parties can't win."

    Now, we live in central Massachusetts.  

    "I hadn't guessed you voted for Clinton."

    "Of course I didn't vote for Clinton!"

    "Oh, really?  You understand the electoral college!  My candidate -- Harry Browne, Libertarian  -- had a better chance of carrying Massachusetts than Bobby Dole did.  If you voted for Dole in Massachusetts, you threw your vote away."

    Of course, my point was that his vote was not wasted.

    He did not like losing the argument.

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