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  •  Wow, way too simplistic. Obama rallies kooks (1+ / 0-)
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    turned out, as well  

    #1 Point: Devilstower would have you believe that the 1992 followers of Ross Perot were the same group.  Hogwash!  I attended a couple of Perot's events and first off, they numbered in the 1000's, not the hundreds.  Remember, this was way before FOX news and the internet was around to bring them to the hall.  Most of the people there were concerned about NAFTA, Perot's signature issue, which turned out to be a valid concern.  Were there other nuts there that were looking for a third party just because?  Sure.  Was Perot an imperfect vessell for this issue, of course.  

    He also scooped up every other group that felt were not being represented by the other two candidates.  Since he needed all of their numbers, he did not cleanly break from the liberatians who also came along for the ride.  Sound familiar?  Like Obama and single payer, gay marriage, stop both wars, reinstate 4th ammendment protections, etc.  He took the the votes, but has other ideas.  You have to look past the noise and see if their claimed issue, that raising the debt is dangerous, is a valid point.  And I think there are many (including even on this site!) that do have some concerns about this.  Painting this with a broadbrush, Devilstower, is intellectually dishonest.

    Point #2 - I think this is simply an example of the dismissive nature of this post. DT first says that everyone cheered every speaker in robotic fashion as they did not really care what was being stated so long as they were on the speaking agenda.  He then goes on to state how some were then booed off the stage for not towing the line.  Which is it, Devilstower?

    Point #3 - The kooks.  Come on.  When was the last time you went to one of our rallies and did not see code pink prancing around with childish costumes and embarassing signs.  Seems like every time I go to a Green Party event, I have to push past the NORMAL guys, the Veagans, the Communist party, the people that want all the power lines pulled down because of cancer, the people that want all the cellphones turned off for the same reason, the anarchists....need I go on?  Would you want to invite every person you saw at an Obama rally back home for dinner?

    So let's get off our high horse and have an honest debate about if raising the debt is going to be a problem.  Lets have the guts to say that taxes are indeed going to have to rise.  And lets start explaining why, now.  We all know that many of the services Obama wants to give us come at a price.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Just as I don't expect to walk out of the grocery store with free baskets, I expect to pay for what I get from the government in terms of service.  If we don't honestly start having that conversation - switching the argument from strictly against taxes to one of what do we get from our money, then we lose again when the taxes enivitably rise.  

    Just as Perot had many kooks in his followers as did Obama and Paul, there are still some valid issues under the surface that actually mobilize people to show up at an event.  Ignore those issues and dismiss them and you will look like you did not anticipate them for which we will be swept from office because the one thing people hate worse than taxes is dishonesty and imcompetance.

    "We freeze in the ice of our own conservatism, and the world congeals around us"

    by grettadog on Sun Apr 19, 2009 at 10:46:30 AM PDT

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