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View Diary: Justice Department 'halts?' illegal NSA domestic spying (226 comments)

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    Did these dumb fucks think Bush would be El Presidente For Life?

    Bush, or someone like him.  Plenty of people, including republicans and conservatives, asked "would you want Hillary to have that sort of power?" but were laughed off, because the very point of all the power accumulated in the presidency, the very point of never questioning a thing Bush did in accumulating that power, of accusing pol opponents of lacking patriotism, of ginning up a war to make that accusation all the more inflammatory, of making a permanent war so we have a permanent war president, is to make sure that sort of thing never happens.  It was meant to make a one-party government forever.

    Watch the video of Beck with the sound off. His grimaces, tics, shrugs, shit-eating grins and hand-waving convey his instability better than his words.

    by Inland on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 05:09:25 AM PDT

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