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View Diary: Hey, President Obama and Senator Feinstein: Shut. It. Down. (135 comments)

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  •  Too Much money! (1+ / 0-)
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    ATT gets load of free cash spying on people, paid by tax money. And ATT is paying Feinstein. (She has to be removed. She has her finger in all major cases. Telcos, military contracts, weapons, bechtel, etc. She is bad news)

    The entire thing is gigantic scam.

    Then there are hardware vendor, security contractors, suppliers, etc. We are talking about massive amount of money. Why stop the party now when the going is so good.

    This is Total Information Awareness program. backed by Negroponte, Cheney and gang.

    They think people doesn't know they are spying and can keep it a secret. Everybody knows.

    •  Help Update wiki (0+ / 0-)

      NSA warrantless surveillance controversy

      (help keep track of detail information, and also watch who is erasing/trying to hide things from the public)


      so far we know (with smoking gun doc) they are spying on:

      1. congress person
      2. press
      3. US diplomats (who bolton didn't like)
      4. Lawyers (Oregon case, all case against Bush)
      5. Peace activists (expect major class action lawsuit)
      6. everybody's phone, email, bank transaction, anything digital, on fiber optic and airwave)
      7. Major pro bush corporations court cases. Did Bush use spying to help court cases?
      8. Who authorize illegal TIA, and how they hide it?
      9. Who receives majority of the money, information products. ( we know they can do whatever they want without legal restrain)

      Big questions:

      Did Bush spied on Kerry campaign?
      Did the spying product shared with other country intelligence service (Israel, Italy, UK)
      Did the product illegally being used to "rig" the market?
      Did spying occurs against political rival, that causes election to tilt
      Did, spying occur on court cases? (tainted jsutice)

      •  Babak Pasdar affidavit (1+ / 0-)
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        In addition to Mark Klein's excellent information, I am especially fond of the Babak Pasdar affidavit available at He describes some of the technical details of what he uncovered. It's very enlightening. I didn't see a reference to Pasdar in the wiki...
        Here's the link to the article:
        And a direct link to the affidavit (451k PDF):
        And a related article I just stumbled across at ars technica:

        How's that "permanent republican majority" thing working out?

        by cybersaur on Thu Apr 16, 2009 at 12:01:43 PM PDT

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