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View Diary: Hey, President Obama and Senator Feinstein: Shut. It. Down. (135 comments)

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  •  Obama and Civil Liberities and the Constitution (0+ / 0-)

    I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it, this guy is an unmitigated disaster. He is WORSE than GW and Darth Vader in regard to civil liberties,(Bagram decision) Upholding the constitution,(NSA spying, torture memos) the rule of law, (prosecuting all those in the previous Administration who broke the law, violated the constitution and their oath of office and violated international law). He lied about transparency as this Administration is at least as secretive as the last and maybe more so. He's hired basically a full slate of ex Goldman Sachs execs who have promulgated at least as bad and arguably worse economic policies(bailout, TARP, Bank Toxic Assets, Mortgage, etc.) than GW's Paulson. The only way these guys will actually get the economy under control will be by pure happenstance and not as a result of the shit Geithner, Summers, wall street loving policies. This government(of Obama) seems a wholly owned subsidiary of big Financial Banks, Wall Street firms and others in the financial industry. And mark my words, wait until you see the health plan this Republican in Democratic clothing will end up putting forward. Anybody want to bet whether it's actually a universal plan or some crap moderate/blue dog compromise that gives them political talking points but doesn't really do shit to move this country to REAL universal health care.

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