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View Diary: Hey, President Obama and Senator Feinstein: Shut. It. Down. (135 comments)

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    Ah the sweet mewlings of torched progressives. How can this be? The lightworker is supposed to be one of you.

    In your zeal to defeat the evil BushHilter progressives could not be troubled to ask who the man from Chicago really is. Well now you really know: Obama is a man of infinite ego and very low personal character. He lied to you. He lies to everyone. But I don't hold it against you. He said the right things, he was charismatic, he wasn't using you to get elected?

    But he was.

    The old definition of a neo-con is a liberal who got mugged. Barack loves to pose and say impressive sounding words but all signs are pointing to a man completely unprepared for the office. His weakness on foreign policy is going to cause a lot of wars.

    This is who he really is. He is about power. His power. You were a means to that power but if he does not believe in what you do; you lose.

    The "netroots" may vote again for Barack in 2012 but you will be holding your nose if and when you do. See now you know who he is.

    As the economy begins to slow down into the fall, as the stimulus fails, car and house sales further plummet (mind you I don't want those things to happen), the scale of America's mistake will become self evident and full blow buyers remorse will begin to set in.

    You helped make this mess. Shut up and enjoy the odeur.

    Progressives are chumps. You get played by your elected candidates and foreign dictators.

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