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    Nicely done essay.

    However, I believe it is really quite simple.

    In most places, you can add up all the Republicans and all the Democrats and they still will not equal the unenrolled, centrist, middle of the road moderates, who have no choice but to, time after time, election after election, choose one or the other parties at either edge of the spectrum.

    Which one?  Oh, it all depends.

    The party that offers a varying range of security and comfort and promise more than the other will get these moderates to come to them.

    And that happens time after time.

    Health care?  Too many people are healthy and that is not one of their main issues.

    The war in Iraq?  Not enough body bags.

    Moral leadership?  I was going to say:  don't make me laugh, but that is exactly the problem:  the moderates weren't laughing!

    They found that concept of morality combined with all of the above as the appeal of the Republican party.


    What appeals to moderates will change slightly one way or the other, but in general it centers on security, a certain degree of comfort, and most important, believable promises.

    Did I say attainable promises?  No I did not.  I said 'believable'.  

    And that is what I hold won this election for the Republicans.

    They convinced more of those moderates that they, the Republicans, were more believable than the Democrats.

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