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    Loose Fur

    don't know how open you are to alternative medicine, but I (and a number of people I know) have used an inhaler product called Inspirol (recommended by psychic healer Edgar Cayce) for many different lung problems with great success.  Here's a link to a document about it from the Cayce library/clinic in VA Beach:

    Whatever method you use to revitalize yourself, I hope you're feeling all better soon. Your brain and voice are so important!

    •  You'd better check that out (0+ / 0-)

      VERY carefully.  Edgar Cayce is a fraud who has been exposed countless times for his faked aura photography, etc.   I wouldn't touch any medication he or his institute recommends unless you can confirm it's been double-blind tested.  

      Their cause, if they had one, is nothing to them now. They hate for hate's sake. (W.H. Auden)

      by dotalbon on Fri Apr 17, 2009 at 06:57:35 PM PDT

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      •  As I said, it is an alternative treatment, (1+ / 0-)
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        but in my experience and that of many other persons with whom I am closely acquainted, the treatment has been extremely helpful as an adjunct to traditional therapy.

        Insofar as fraud goes, I have read with a critical eye a good bit of the Cayce literature (most all of the primary material and much in the way of secondary writings) and I disagree with your conclusions and those of the people you [don't exactly] cite.  To each, their own, however.  I have no wish to argue with you. I was only offering information based on personal experience (nope, no expensive double-blind study results yet, but the clinic is attempting to arrange some) that I thought might be of some use.  

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