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View Diary: Obama and the GOP "Criminalizing Politics" Defense of Torture (77 comments)

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    I'd like to look forward, a bit, in the spirit of helping out the President. He's done a bang-up job, mostly, getting the country back on track. Considering the pig-headed obstruction of Republicans and soft, conservative Democrats, it's amazing what he's been able to accomplish.

    It will all be for naught once he leaves office. That may be in four years or eight, but no matter. Unless he makes sure that the members of the Bush Administration that are guilty of federal and international crimes go on trial, nothing he does will be worth the paper it's printed on a decade hence.

    Here's the future, the real future, if he gives these people a pass:

    Another President will take office, one that doesn't have the fine intuition for governing well that Obama seems to have. This person will be unable to resist pressures from the morally bankrupt to go ahead and spy on Americans. He or she will be unable to rein in the people in the intelligence community who think that the people of the United States are to be ruled rather than served, and that the people outside the country are animals to be flogged into obedience.

    These people won't have the moral scruples of George Bush or Dick Cheney. They won't care about precedent or even who elects them. In fact, they will determine who elects them by spying on the opposition and threatening them with jail or worse. They will be able to do that with impunity because, even though the same laws will be on the books, they will know that no one is going to hold them accountable.

    Just like Bush Administration officials.

    That's the future. And, that future is fragile. In the not-too-distant-past it was possible for a group of determined individuals to pull away from Washington and re-establish freedom from any tyranny that might spring up there. This was feasible because no one could control masses of people effectively without their consent.

    That time is gone. We now have the electronic means to monitor and control vast numbers of people. Loss of freedom at this point in history is, very, very likely, permanent. It cannot be brought back by force or distance or any other means. Lose it and we are all slaves.

    Don't make the mistake of thinking that the future will be like the past. It isn't. Technology has irrevocably altered that.

    There are times when the best policy isn't a compromise. The best policy, at times, is victory.

    Put these people in jail. It's the only answer. If you care about moving forward, if you care about a future worth fighting for, then lock them up and put them on trial. Appoint a special prosecutor now, and stop giving away immunity.

    If you don't, there's only one course left. We will have to invoke the sovereignty of the people. Do you want that? That's a heavy hammer, but if we can't get the Congress to act and we can't get the executive to act, there is no choice. My patience is wearing thin on this. Congress should have impeached these people, en masse, long ago. Is this a country of laws or not?

    Consider this a petition of one. I petition the government on my behalf as a citizen of the United States of America to put on trial all those alive who as officers of the U.S. government broke federal laws and/or international laws by spying on Americans without warrants (in clear violation of the Fourth Amendment) or authorizing and/or committing torture, or any other felony under U.S. law. I petition the federal government to find all those who it is public knowledge have committed these crimes and put them on trial.

    It's high time these crimes stopped and those who come after us know with certainty that the American system will not tolerate this blatant abuse of power.

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