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  •  I'll agree we need stronger protections for our (2+ / 0-)
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    Aunt Martha, James Kresnik

    privacy, but companies should not be permitted to "cooperate with the government" when it is illegal to do so. Our government is not permitted to act capriciously, and companies or individuals cooperating with such behavior only encourages further law-breaking by the government.

    It's similar to the situation of a prosecutor asking me to lie on the witness stand. If I do, I am guilty of perjury and should be prosecuted, just as the prosecutor doing the asking.

    The proper thing for either the company or myself to do is report the law breaking and refuse cooperation.

    The rule of law is only enforced if we all take part in enforcing it. A Democracy requires an active and vigilant citizenry. And corporations do not act -- the people in them do.

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