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  •  I imagine the following changes (0+ / 0-)


    * Don't imagine that it would become a social democratic utopia overnight. However, it would probably get universal health care relatively quickly, along with a strong union movement.

    * Taxes would increase but probably would not become more progressive -- corporations still have plenty of clout.

    * I can't see immigration policy suddenly being wildly liberalized. Also, keep in mind that Mexican and Central American immigrants would have to get through the USA-S to get to the USA-N. I think that would reduce drastically the number of Latino illegal immigrants. Those who could deal with being "guest workers" would probably stay in the USA-S. Those who really couldn't stand the treatment they'd get in the USA-S would most likely stay home and start revolutions. In the unlikely event that the USA-N did wildly liberalize its immigration policy, the amount of traffic across the USA-S to the USA-N would probably be considered a casus belli by the USA-S.

    * Railroads would resurge dramatically, a combination of greater support for public transportation infrastructure and the loss of access to oil from Texas and the Gulf of Mexico.


    * Would be stronger economically than the USA-N at first. It would take the USA-N a generation to rebuild its manufacturing capacity, while the USA-S would benefit from its agricultural sector and from those transplanted industries that haven't already gone to Mexico and Asia.

    * Would be an insane energy hog, unwilling to play ball with any climate change diplomacy, and would singlehandedly drive the earth over the global warming precipice. A vicious cycle of warming and energy spent on air conditioning, combined with the hatred of any kind of public transportation, would drive the USA-S into collapse as storms and drought destroyed its agriculture.

    * Would invade the USA-N in a heartbeat as soon as it realized the above -- and would win, because, let's face it, those Highland Southerners are fucking fierce, and they've got the guns.

    * Would not be an outright theocracy, but rather a nominal democracy where the rule of law was bent or broken in all kinds of ways, especially in the areas of religion, voting rights, and equal protection of different social classes.

    "The great lie of democracy, its essential paradox, is that democracy is first to be sacrificed when its security is at risk." --Ian McDonald

    by Geenius at Wrok on Sun Apr 19, 2009 at 04:44:07 AM PDT

    •  Disagree with some of your calls (1+ / 0-)
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      I don't think that Jesusland would win, if it ever came to a war between the two new nations. Those highland Southerners with their guns don't matter much, in terms of modern warfare. If war happened it would be short and incredibly nasty, with all sorts of WMDs going off to "destroy the economy and the war making capability of the opponent." In the end, it would be about strategy, numbers and survivors and the blue USA wins a contest like that. But it would be apocalyptic, that's something.

      As for "economic powerhouse"--I really doubt that. I see the business oligarchy selling off natural resources, and huge sector of the economy based in defense manufacturing (but that's financed by foreign loans, as it is now.) You mention the "transplanted industries that haven't already gone to Mexico or Asia." What are those industries? How are they going to survive in Jesusland without energetic intervention by the national government (which Jesusland opposes from the get-go?) I don't see Jesusland being an economic powerhouse if it secedes, because it isn't one know. Texas does okay because of federal spending and oil and electronics--but what is the rest of Jesusland manufacturing now, that can't be manufactured cheaper and of the same quality--in some foreign country?

      I figure if Jesusland was competitive in manufacturing, they'd already be competing on the world market. Maybe you know something about this I don't, but it doesn't seem to me that they are competitive--that's why they take so much money from the federal government to prop up their local economies.

      You're right about the energy hog, environment stuff. Philosophy of de-regulation and the need for power/energy would be contributing factors. Probably nuclear power plants popping up like dandelions everywhere. I mentioned their water problem in a previous entry. Jesusland would be an environmental nightmare--virtually no restrictions on pollution, no lawsuits to stop it (I base all this on what I hear on conservative radio about conservative "ideals" for America.)

      As for immigrants, I guess you don't live in California. Immigrants don't necessarily have to go through USA-S to get to USA-N. Also, the immigrants in USA-N would be active in making sure that immigrants continued to arrive there. They'll form a very large political bloc there, a very big demographic.

      Those who really couldn't stand the treatment they'd get in the USA-S would most likely stay home and start revolutions.

      Disagree again. People immigrate where the money is. The money, wretched as it would be in USA-S, would still be preferable to the standard of living at home for hundreds of thousands of aspiring immigrants. (I speak as the adult child of immigrants.) As for these people staying home and starting revolutions there--that doesn't happen that often there now, comparatively speaking. The repressive governments are simply to good at repressing revolutions--which will become a factor in an upcoming installment.

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