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  •  Yeah--if it was just the grass roots evangelicals (0+ / 0-)

    the Christian Republic would kind of "die on the vine," after a while.

    But this oligarchy that I'm referring to--they're very good at turning out a successful and profitable political movement and entity. There is an actual oligarchy right now, coordinating the Christian right. It's made up of evangelical religious, political, business, media, and GOP leaders. The Christian Coalition was its previous incarnation, but it's now called "the Council for National Policy."

    These guys are the guys who would "run" Jesusland--they're very much about power and money and practical political and finance concerns. If you look at the names and reputations of those involved, you'll see what I mean. They would rule the grassroots evangelicals and the non-Christian immigrants if Jesusland ever becomes a reality.

    I don't think it will, by the way. This whole exercise is a satire to point up the conservative hypocrisy on "freedom," "liberty," "prosperity," and "faith."

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