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    the moderates have melted away, or more accurately been chased off, the hard line remainder has been talking about banning IVF and related procedures. The Personhood Bills I linked above might do just that depending on how they're legislated into law. Probably the best thing we could do, if we had no ethical qualms or moral compass, would be to encourage them to to do that anyway we can. No politician, no matter how far gone to the right they are, will relish the idea of campaigning against gobs of photogenic IVF kids, toddlers, and infants standing beofre their beaming parents.

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    by DarkSyde on Mon Apr 20, 2009 at 08:56:47 AM PDT

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      ...and now taking over the token conservative spot at the NYT, has argued that, even thought he prefers the abolition of IVF, since there is no viable way for making it illegal, we should just leave the embryos frozen in liq N2 forever, because then at least there is a possibility that they will be adopted and turned into children, whereas if we allow them to be destoryed for research purposes, there of course is NO chance of the full actualization of their personhood.

      Wow, that was one long run-on sentance.  My boss refers to me as the Willam Faulkner of biochemistry because I do that when writing papers and grants, too.  

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