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  •  I'm praying this will help... (6+ / 0-)

    ...two friends of mine.

    My boyfriend was born with an incompletely formed optic nerve connecting one of his eyes to his brain. The eye is alive, but cannot transmit visual information. He had operations as a baby which allows the bad eye to appear to track along with the good eye, preventing the "wall-eyed" look of someone with an untreated condition like this. Parallax, the ability to perceive depth and dimension, is something he misses terribly, even though he can see fine with the one good eye.

    We have a mutual friend who was born with albinism. He also has extremely low vision. I am not sure but I think his retinas got fried in early childhood.

    I am hoping both of these wonderful people get another shot at full sight because of this research. Stem cells could conceivably reconstruct my boyfriend's bad optic nerve, and our friend's eyes. This represents so much hope to so many people. Shame on the Religious Right for interfering with this important research.

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