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  •  Actually it reminds me of what (5+ / 0-)

    now-Senator Mark Warner said when he was running for president. In NH a woman told him that they needed "to educate people about abortion." Warner responded that "this is why America hates Democrats".

    Preaching to others isn't going to convert those voters into supporters. And yes, while many of them are part of the hardcore 30%, there are others who might consider supporting the Democrats. However, when you have people like Garafalo going off like that on TV, it does nothing to convince them to change their views.

    A lot of people think that Democrats are stuck up voters in urban areas who thumb their nose at those in rural America. Or they think that they look down on anyone who doesn't fit the ugliest stereotypes of liberals. These voters think that the Democrats don't see them as worthwhile people.

    I'll admit that Garafalo had some points. There are some people who went to the tea bagging parties because they were racist and they do resent having a Black president. But I also think that these protests would have happened had Clinton or Edwards won. Race was hardly the only factor.

    If Garafalo spent as much time telling some of these people who the Democratic Party cares about them and will push policies that will improve their lives, perhaps we would make some headway in places that are still red. But no, she has to verbally put down everyone in that part of the country.

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