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    Nice analysis, Kos.  But "It's noteworthy that Daily Kos matches the traffic received by TNR. And given that most of that site is now subscription only, I am now more read than most of TNR's writers. Heck, many of the dKos diarists are better read than they are"?  Let's not start believing our USA Today hype...

    I was talking to a Republican colleague yesterday as to why he, as a NJ resident, would probably vote for Bush.  He immediately said because of the economy; that is, he didn't trust the Dems to handle it.  I pointed out that it was Reagan who got the ball rolling with deficit spending, and Shrub who has rendered it an art.  He faltered, then said the Dems need to do a much better job of getting their fiscal story out because folks like him (educated, culturally sane) are ready to vote democratic if someone gives them a postive reason.

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      Not for nothing, but it ain't hype if it's true.
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      The need to reassure the fiscal conservatives/moderates who usually vote Republican is key.  I know a number of folks who are horrified at Bush's handling of the budget (huge tax cuts and more spending as far as the eye can see), but who are reflexively more likely to vote for Republicans as the (mythical/historical) party of fiscal responsibility.
      If a leading Democrat can make the affirmative case (not just the jobs case - which they don't really buy into) on being responsible with $, then they'll jump.
      Getting this message out will not be easy because it will tend to be overwhelmed by Iraq, cultural issues, and the employment part of the economic argument - but it will be important to do so.
      •  I agree (none)
        Fiscal responsibility is one of the huge substantive clay feet that Dean in particular can exploit. He has a proven record of fiscal responsibility that track directly with the mythical fiscal conservatism of most moderate GOPers.

        Many family and friends who are GOP are, as you note in your post, are dumbfounded by the total lack of fiscal discipline exhibited by these crooks at the wheel for now.

        My SO's father is as an ubber-Reagan GOPer. He is ex-Marine pilot, has a framed photo of Ronnie in his home office in the basement. And he and I often jovially rib each other over politics. But I actually got his head hung at first when I pointed out Bush's fiscal record and he played it off with his usually playful "what commie stuff you talking about" (100% joking of course) and when I mentioned that Howard Dean has a proven track record of balancing the budget every year during his 5 terms as Gov when there was no legal requirement in Vermont to do so, his eyebrows went up, and he muttered he would have to look that up to believe it (high praise) and now he quietly asks how things are going with Dean when we talk during holiday visits and such.

        He is quietly checking out Dean, because Bush is an unmitigated disaster. For someone like him to even contemplate such a  thing is (albeit anecdotal) a huge sign that this is a key exploitable issue which Dean is alone qualified among the field to fully exploit.


        Mitch Gore

        No one will change America for you. You must work to make it happen.

        by Lestatdelc on Wed Dec 31, 2003 at 07:51:04 PM PST

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