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    Still, if the Dem candidate has to spend significant time and money here in CA, he (sorry CMB) is going to be in an awful lot of trouble.  On the other hand, as the Roveians I think were well aware, Schwarzenegger's election was a mixed blessing:  needless to say, they would have been very, very happy to run against Gray Davis.  The troubles that will inevitably still face the Gropenator will not help Dubya's cause ...
    •  Re: Why Dean can win without the South (none)
      Gray Davis lost as much because the left hated him as because the right hated him.  It was a one off thing, as much anti-incumbent and fascination with a celebrity at a time when nothign else was happening.  The Presidential will be very different.  By that time Arnold will have pissed off everyone with his budget cuts and the focus will be on bigger issues.  CA isn't going for Bush.

      Fear knocked on the door. Hope answered, and there was no one there. M.L. King, Jr.

      by Mimikatz on Wed Dec 31, 2003 at 03:54:13 PM PST

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      •  Davis/Arnold (none)

         The left may have hated Davis, but they feared Arnold even more.  No on recall/Bustamante did very well in San Francisco and Camejo dropped from 17% in 2002 to a few percent.

         I do think because of Arnold, the Dems will have to focus more on California.  They still will win it, but the GOP will use him here and around the country to draw huge crowds and media attention.

         I wanted to ask Maria and Robert Kennedy, Jr. (who attacked Bush in a national press club speech) how they could support Arnold when his winning would make it easier for Bush to be around for another 4 years.

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