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  •  Re: Why Dean can win without the South (none)
    I think the Muslim vote is going to be nearly 100% anti-Bush.

    And here's a 12/23 article to back up this assertion.

    A straw poll among the 800 MPAC [Muslim Public Affairs Council] delegates showed more than 67 percent planned to vote for Dean, compared to just 2 percent for Bush. Upon hearing the poll results, one delegate said, "How did Bush manage to get 2 percent?"

    Also remember that roughly 75% of the 3 million Arab Americans are Christian, have higher-than-average incomes, and voted heavily Republican in 2000, but have also suffered considerably in the wake of 9/11.

    On the other hand, Bush is drawing Jewish voters into his camp, according to this article on religious voting blocs. To some degree we are trading chips; the question is how big the shift in both directions, and in which states the exchange is happening.

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