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    And furthermore: had Gore won (or been allowed to), HE would have had a fair tax cut the GOP would have had to swallow ... and HE would have been in the chair in 9-11 getting credit for being a tough guy on terrorists.  Nothing worse has ever happened than the 2000 election.  
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      Actually, if Gore had won, republicans would be demanding his impeachment for sheer incompetence for having let the 9/11 attacks happen, particularly the Pentagon, the PENTAGON for chrissakes, being hit an hour after the first plane hit the WTC.

      But thanks to the media whores, America gets caught with its pants around its ankles, and suddenly Bush is a hero.

      Support H2239: the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessability act. It mandate a paper trail so that Bush won't steal the election in 2004! Write your reps!

      by Go Vegetarian on Wed Dec 31, 2003 at 07:15:02 PM PST

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