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  •  Gee... I wonder why? (none)
    "Your right about one thing I'm anti-DEAN that's for sure and the more I get to see of him and his following the more I loathe all of you. What a bunch of whining losers you are" glennk1949

    (glennk1949 version 1 about tone) "This site is a rough and tumble political sparring match which is great and necessary but it doesn't need to degenerate into a barroom brawl."glennk1949

    (glennk1949 version 2 about tone) "You jerks are being played by this con-man. He's using you lefties to get the nomination then he'll get rid of all of you." glennk1949

    (glennk1949 version 1 about Dean) "I have no problem with Dr. Dean as our candidate if that's what's in the cards"glennk1949

    (glennk1949 version 2 about Dean) "his kind don't spit on poor people." glennk1949

    All the while thining that Dean supporters are jerks and idiots who are bamboozled into backign Dean like media sheep, unware that he is a centereist on many issues, and one critcal ones which most people (even most Dean supporters) fully embrace.

    But then glennk1949's schtick is easy to grasp once the veneer is scratched away. He hates Dean, thinks he can elevate Clark by taking down Dean, preaches we need civil discourse and unity then injects GOP talking points while playing the victim of poor mean Deanies like me. (sniff)

    Brings a tear to my eyes I can tell ya' (sniff)

    You get flamed?

    Fucking right you get flammed. Because you have earned it.


    Mitch Gore

    No one will change America for you. You must work to make it happen.

    by Lestatdelc on Wed Dec 31, 2003 at 11:16:27 PM PST

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