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  •  Re: Its all about the 'Roots! (none)
    Katy, the main and in itself entirely sufficient reason why the Republicans can't and won't match this grass-roots approach lies in one word -- empowerment.  The GOP -- especially THIS GOP -- is an anally-controlling hierarchy that can't even stand to empower the ~15% of its more moderate House members, let alone any of the great unwashed at the grass roots. What Dean has done with buying into the importance and the imperative reality of grass-roots empowerment is so alien to the thinking of most DC insiders of both parties that the DC-based Dem presidential candidates can't comprehend it.  This is far and away the most controlling Administration I've ever seen, and I've lived in the DC area (except for college) for 40 years.  

    The bottom line is that these Republicans are incapable of understanding or embracing this approach is that it's deeply unpopular among probably 60% of the American people.  To be responsive to the grass roots is to give up on imposing a narrow, vicious and destructive ideology on a people who are being buffaloed by the power of corporate money on a scale not seen in this country since the days of McKinley, who not coincidentally is Rove's hero (actually I'm sure Mark Hanna is really Rove's hero, but he's not going to admit that publicly).

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