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  •  Re: Why Dean can win without the South (none)
    Dem Vet, I think I'm somewhere between you and Kos on this.  As some commenters between your post and this one have noted, there are military and CIA constituencies -- not just in NoVa but also in the Newport News region -- who are ripe for the picking, but (to mix metaphors) that's a tough needle to thread.  There is some Dem potential in VA even if you can't persuade those folks to vote Dem, simply because if you can avoid letting them get spooked by typical GOP scare tactics on defense issues, they will stay home and that's a big GOP constituency off the tables.  Reaching them to vote Dem will require, at a minimum, having Clark on the ticket, but if you can persuade them, you're talking political realignment, not just a narrow (~300 electoral vote) Dem victory.

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