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  •  Re: Dean v. Clark (none)
    Sure ill give you a point by point breakdown:

    "Actually, we do see him as snobbish and with a total lack of understanding of our values."

    Claiming to speak for all or even a majority of southerners.. or even a majority of southern democrats? Evidence? thought not.

    "I keep hearing all your thoughts, Dean fans, but, seriously, ask ANY person on the street down here, whether they keep up with politics or not, who's going to be running against Bush and they say, "Clark.""

    Hi .. my name is Charles. Who is going to end up runnign against Bush? His name is Howard Dean.
    ... hmmm guess that pretty much exposes what he said as an untruth.

     No "official" polling, no Zogby spinning and no presumptive questioning. They just see it as a Clark v. Bush race down here."

    So lets see. The polls show just the opposite. I as a fellow southerner should be a tiny bit of evidence showing it to be untrue.

    Again. Purposefully representing something that is on its face untrue is called Lying. I realise thats become very politically incorrect to note of course.

    I have NO problem with Clark supporters. Heck i hope your candidate does great and ill damn well vote for him if he wins the nomination and if he doesnt ill be cheerleading for him to get the VP spot. But deciet to attain an end is immoral. Any means to an end is wrong.

    •  Re: Dean v. Clark (none)
      Obviously Dean has some supporters in the south.  But my experience is not much where I live.  He did get a small bump after the Gore endorsement but it seems to be ebbing away.  The experience most of us where I am in northeast AR have with Dean is that just listening to him sets our teeth on edge.  He does excite the occasional anti-war person but there aren't a lot of them here.  

      You're gonna have to reconcile yourself to the possibility that Lara/scoop is talking about what she is seeing on the ground in and around Knoxville, TN and in her community of friends across the south and that she is not lying.  Slandering her doesn't disprove her perspective.

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