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  •  Yes, I have considered going organic (1+ / 0-)
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    Joy Busey

    because my entire operation is organic, and the previous owners were organic.  Just not certified.

    But right now after having gone through the CAFO hoop, now I am going through the dairy certification hoop.

    So the organic hoop will have to wait until I can catch my breath!

    •  It was such a long, hard fight... (1+ / 0-)
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      marina get the standards while Monsanto was right in the middle of it with ADM and some of the large processors attempting to get their operations certified organic too, complete with GMOs, chemical herbicides/pesticides (but organic-like fertilizers) and intensive livestock operations. Guess they wanted the label for lines of products without having to actually BE organic.

      Now, many specialty truck crops you might produce simply don't come in GMO varieties. So it's not an issue. But for other things - potatoes, corn, tomatoes, certain beans, etc. - you really do need to be careful. I even stay away from hybrids when I can, so I can save seed as well as brag about heirlooms. To each his/her own on that score, so long as it's not GMO.

      Trick is to keep GMOs out of your space. It can't be in the compost (careful there, much of what you toss from the kitchen may be GMO if you bought it off the shelf) or in the fields, and corn pollen can travel for miles. Luckily, we've good organization and have nicely informed our conventionally farming neighbors that if their pollen costs us our certification, we'll sue. They still farm conventionally, but won't buy GMO varieties for that reason (and no doubt others, particular to Monsanto).

      As I said, sometimes worth it, sometimes not. Beware of grain supplements and some high-protein hay. GMOs show up there too. Also, consider "Naturally Grown" certification. It covers where Organic gets too complex (thanks, Monsanto) and means often the same or even better. It's not too full of hoops, inspections are way less intrusive.

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