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View Diary: Israel/Palestine: Rahm Emanuel Lays Down the Law (188 comments)

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    I'll also give you various links to offensive comments the user had posted in the past, all of which I'm sure the upraters of the comment were familiar with, since they themselves frequented I-P diaries.

    I don't know zemblan. I've never met him nor do I claim that he's a bad person. However, given his ostensibly honorable effort to combat anti-Semitism on this blog, it's at the very least hypocritical of him to have uprated that comment, when I had specifically made clear that the user who made the comment was a bigot.

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      I don't know enough about anaxiamander (sp?) to comment, although his/her comments seem immoderate. I don't know why Zemblan uprated that particular comment, but I would tend to judge him more by his own diaries.

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