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  •  "Trash-talking COWARD from the sidelines"... (0+ / 0-)

    ...he didn't say "cowboy".

    As an East Texas cowboy--a real one who has worked livestock for a living in the past--I have to defend cowboys here.  Most of us are pragmatists, and I can tell you that even here in Texas a lot of the real ones are as disgusted as the rest of the country with the damned Republicans. I seethed the whole 8 years of the Bush II regime that this carpetbagging Connecticut Yankee had swooped into my state and coopted the regalia and mannerisms of a pop-Nashville "cowboy".  Hell, he can't even ride a horse; and real cowboys have morality and honor such as these lying bastards have never had.  And Cheney is the sort of thieving varmint that would have felt the hemp around his neck in the 19th century.

    They are cowards.  They are thieves.  They are gangsters and criminals who use others to do their dirty work.  They are NOT cowboys, and shouldn't be called such.

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