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  •  If this isn't snark (3+ / 0-)
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    cdreid, Joy Busey, matador

    then fuck you from your nose to your toes.

    Why is it that pro-nuclear power diarists have to insult the fuck out of people who might for either environmental or security issues feel that we haven't solved the problems required to go for high-scale nuclear energy?

    Many of us aren't "anti-nuke" but have seen how companies and utilities have scrimped and saved on environmental issues in the past, and quite frankly have shown no concern for the cost of their industry, only the profit?  I'm more than willing to discuss nuclear power but let those companies that wish to develop it have contingency plans as well as serious bonds in place such that if they fuck things up royally, the taxpayer and the locals do not have to pay for their greed.

    Environmentalists aren't all extremists- sometimes they are simply more aware of what unregulated industries have done in the past, and aren't willing to permit this without some protections.  We've got tons of brownfields in this nation that are toxic hazards to groundwater, all caused by companies that were "anti-progress and development" and simply wanted profit for themselves, no matter the cost to others.

    •  Snark it is. (0+ / 0-)

      Though I am a staunch supporter of nuclear power - hence the "semi-snark" tag.

      Far-left wing and damn proud of it. Check out my blog: The Daily Elitist

      by TylerFromNE on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 03:21:41 AM PDT

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    •  One other thing... (0+ / 0-)

      I know not all environmentalists are extremists - I consider myself to be an environmentalist, in fact. If you look through my blog entries, you'll find that I'm at least as hard on right-wing "dominionists" and the like, as I am on those (purportedly, at least) on the left who reject nuclear power.

      The extremists I mention are those who would use legitimate public concern over the environment, especially as regards climate change, to implement a radical, neo-feudalistic agenda of imposed energy scarcity, population reduction, de-development, and de-industrialization. Despite what these fascist assholes say, what they're really after is planet-wide ethnic cleansing as a eugenics project. For them, I hold nothing but sheer contempt.

      Far-left wing and damn proud of it. Check out my blog: The Daily Elitist

      by TylerFromNE on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 06:19:34 AM PDT

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      •  Oh, and I confess that I am also (0+ / 0-)

        contemptuous of spoiled, well-fed westerners who sit on their computers in their air-conditioned abodes and callously pontificate about the supposed need to radically reduce living standards and cull the human herd. Want to "cull the herd," eh? Then start with yourselves, you elitist, fascist pricks (not directed towards anyone in particular)! Urghhh...

        Far-left wing and damn proud of it. Check out my blog: The Daily Elitist

        by TylerFromNE on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 06:23:34 AM PDT

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      •  mental (2+ / 0-)
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        Joy Busey, Pluto

        You're really great at making radical inferences, aren't you? Just because someone sees the failing points of nuclear and think that world population is an issue, you then make the grand leap of logic (in this cae, LACK of it!) that people such as me favor a "planet-wide ethnic cleansing as a eugenics project". You're reasoning is right up there with my friend who has gone off the religious deep end and think the evil of the Nazis was somehow caused by evolution. Congradulations for joining the tin foil hat crowd.

        Maybe they will give you a badge and a whistle.

        •  It's kinda like people who talk about (0+ / 0-)

          "the blacks" and their supposedly "inferior intelligence" or how they're "not like us."

          There's some tiny kernel of truth to such statements - obviously, blacks have different skin tone than whites, and those of African descent do tend to score lower on classic IQ tests (though higher in different metrics on more modern, refined tests of the sort). However, the enlightening thing about such comments is not the comment itself, but rather, the extent to which it reveals the person's mindset and character (or lack thereof). But that's OK, because they can just tack on the disclaimer "I don't hold nuthin gainst duh blackies."

          In the same way, the enlightening thing about those sounding the "overpopulation" (false-)alarm is not the commentary itself, but rather, how they think. The problem of "overpopulation" means thus: not enough output of life-sustaining products and commodities to meet the needs of the population.

          It is then a problem, in physical terms, of a supply/demand imbalance. You can view it as a problem of too little production, as do humanists; or, you can view it as one of too many people, in which case you'd be a fascist.

          See, it's really about values: racists who clumsily try to cover up their racism don't value people of African descent for whatever reason. In the same way, fascists don't value individual human beings, but the "herd," as they value order, structure, system - but certainly not individuals. Indeed, most all fascists are afflicted with a highly corrupt, pathological mindset which is not only indifferent to, but often even reflexively contemptuous of individual humans. The disease fascism, in other words, can be summed up as the view that human beings are mere animals, in no significant way distinguishable from other species in the animalia kingdom.

          In stark contrast, humanists look at the problem of "overpopulation," and rather than wondering how we can get rid of as many people as possible, instead seek to devise practical, technical, and economic solutions to provide the necessary supply. See, humanists recognize that human beings are not just another primate - no monkey has ever created an invention. No baboon has ever created an artistic masterpiece. No chimp has ever discovered a universal physical principle, such as Einstein's theories of relativity. No lemur has ever devised machines and capital goods.

          We humanists see what fascists refuse to acknowledge: that humans are distinct from other animals due to our capacity for creativity, productivity, provision for the future in economic terms (capital investment), and the ability to be not only beholden to our environment, but to shape our environment to suit our needs. Those traits are what makes human individuals special, and why we find talk of "overpopulation" of humans as if we a herd of cattle, so incredibly offensive.

          So, that's the difference between me and you: I view each individual as unique, special, and creative, possessing the capacity to create ideas and technologies which benefit all humanity. I view defending the rights and liberties of individuals as the paramount obligation. I recognize and embrace our productive, creative abilities - and at the same time, the imperative to prudently govern our exploitation of resources.

          You view individuals as irrelevant, as merely one part of the flock, or worse, as a virus and a plague upon the immaculate "mother earth." You see maintaining a static "environment," an insignificant clump rock in the backwaters of an insignificant galaxy, as the highest duty. You do not believe that humans should shape the environment for our own ends, because you view humans as just another animal to be controlled and manipulated by Pavlovian animal spirits. In short, you view your fellow humans not as brothers and sisters, but as viruses and bacteria infesting the otherwise pristine environment.

          Yes, this is very much the diseased mentality of the Nazis, and if I had time to go through point-by-point, I know I could find many examples of your views lining up exactly with those of the Nazi elite. I mean, the end goal of the Nazis - a racially pure, ethnically cleansed, autarkic, feudal society - is 100% identical to those advocating radical "sustainability" and population control measures. The goal of the policies of both the German Nazis and their eco-fascist counterparts, is nothing other than slaughter, death, suffering, austerity, de-development, eugenics, and so on. To be perfectly honest, there is little difference whatever between the two.

          Don't like my pointing it out? Not my problem - change your positions then. I'm not going to coddle radical anti-humanists promoting a downright evil pseudo-religion - neither national socialism, nor the ugly fringe of the environmental movement.

          Far-left wing and damn proud of it. Check out my blog: The Daily Elitist

          by TylerFromNE on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 01:52:24 PM PDT

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        •  Evolution (0+ / 0-)

          I'm an atheist and an anti-theist. Of course evolution took place - literally all of the evidence points to that conclusion. That has nothing to do with anything under discussion, however.

          Far-left wing and damn proud of it. Check out my blog: The Daily Elitist

          by TylerFromNE on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 02:01:36 PM PDT

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          •  oh my (0+ / 0-)

            Since you believe in evolution and are an atheist, I would assume you have a good mind and so will go easy on you. But you really should double your effort at reading comprehension, bud. I KNOW evolution has nothing to do with our discussion but you obviously missed my point entirely.

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