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    Joy Busey

    I have other things to do besides do your homework for you. You have a google button on your computer. . .get off of your idealogical ass and look it up for your self like I did.

    That's just for starters. That is just one tiny part of the overall mix of potential for wind and other energy sources. I could go on but am sick and tired of going back and forth between my searches and control c and control v. Really, I should not have to do this for you. The information is right there at your idealogical fingertips. There are many varied alternatives available to compete with coal fired plants. There is absolutely no reason, except perhaps as a temporary "mend", to resort to inherently dangerous (again. . .use your search button) nuclear. Nuclear just is not necessary. Your notion that we must adopt nuclear or there will be widespread genocide is absurd. No single type of energy can meet the demands but many varied approaches can, should and ultimately WILL.

    •  Yes, I'm aware there are windmills in Texas (0+ / 0-)

      however, since you're apparently obsessed with fictional metrics of financial profitability and accounting cost, they probably never would have been profitable without the rampant commodities speculation and energy market manipulation that's been allowed to go on unimpeded.

      Second, you spelled "ideological" wrong. Twice. Now, although I'm "left" on the largely dubious left/right spectrum, I fail to see how my position on nuclear power is an ideological one. Pray tell, what ideology do you suppose I'm advocating, anyways? The nuclear ideology? Ha! Methinks you're projecting here... definitely.

      Third, apparently, you still don't get the physics of the thing. There is absolutely no realistic scenario in which human beings will be able to get even half - hell, even a quarter - of the 60 or so terawatts of power that will be needed globally over the next few decades. Do you know how much 60 TW is? It's about 60 million large windmills worth. We have the equivalent of around 40,000 of them right now, and even in 2008, with oil prices over $100 a barrel on average for the year, we were still only able to crank out a measly 9,000 turbines for the year. Even if you could build out the necessary capacity, there's just nowhere to put that many of them. For solar, it's an even worse picture, as the total power to be had from inbound solar energy at ground level is hopelessly small. And then there's intermittentcy and transmission as well... it's just not gonna happen.

      The only real use for "renewables" is that which you advocated for nuclear - as a stop-gap measure in certain locales until we can build out the requisite nuclear generating capacity.

      Finally, how do you figure my prediction of required population reduction is false? You don't have to "do my homework" for me, but some specifics does sort of help the credibility thing along. And I want facts and solid plans, too - talk is cheap, rhetoric is worthless. Don't tell me how great wind or solar is - I've heard such sophistry countless times before - tell me what you're going to do to work it. For example, a brief summary of my plan is thus:

      - Nationalize the nuclear industry. Standardize the designs for both industrial and small-scale reactors of both the second and third generation varieties.

      - Take all of these brilliant scientists off of working on basically useless DoD weapons research, and get them developing 4th gen thorium reactors and nuclear fusion.

      - Take the present slack manufacturing capacity, especially in the auto sector in the US (and have we ever got of it here), as well as in nations, and put people to work churning out nuclear plant components assembly-line style.

      - Set a bold target of global independence from oil in 20 years' time. If we had the leadership, we could get nearly 500 new 1-1.5 GW reactors built out within 7-10 years, and 2000 of them within 15-16, and onto the rest of the solar system within 30-40.

      If Obama did this, he'd be remembered not only as the greatest US President ever, but probably the greatest world leader of all time. Just think of it; this would be the most profound and astounding gift the United States of America could possibly give to the rest of the world, the gift of development.

      Not handouts, not food aid, not medical care as such, but real, lasting, broad, shared development. That's right - by helping other nations develop peaceful, fully transparent nuclear programs, our nation and our generation can solve peak oil, climate change, poverty, hunger, most disease, energy scarcity, and very possibly even war and ethnic conflict - for all time.

      In short, we can solve the problems which have plagued us since time immemorial. To quote JFK, our problems our man-made, and they can therefore be solved by man. It can be done, I know to the core being that it can be done, and I know precisely how to do it.

      I am totally serious - this is not some pipe dream, some fantasy of a distant century. It is a vision realizable right now, by us, and in but a single generation. It is fully within our power to accomplish these aims, but nuclear development is the essential catalyst. At the very least, is that not a future worth trying for? Is that not a future worth fighting for? I think it is.

      Time and time and time again, history has shown us that our biggest limitation is not physical, nor environmental, nor economic, nor ethnic, nor religious, nor geographic. To the contrary - the largest and most substantial barrier is that which we construct for ourselves; that arbitrary limit we place on our own imagination, and that insidious conservative sentiment which says "best not fully leverage our creativity."

      It is a choice which we must make, both individually and collectively: forward with civilization and development, and upwards on to the stars, or retreat into cynicism and barbarism, and back to caves or at best, feudalism. It is indeed a matter of choice, and it is up to you to chose which. For reasons dictated by the laws of the universe itself, nuclear power is merely a small but absolutely essential piece of the future which we must now choose.

      I'll leave you with that, and my desire that you and others choose wisely.

      Far-left wing and damn proud of it. Check out my blog: The Daily Elitist

      by TylerFromNE on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 08:00:26 AM PDT

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