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View Diary: "SERE"ing Torture Devised 8 Months Before It Was Approved...But No Top Officials Knew (158 comments)

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  •  if that makes you feel better (9+ / 0-)

    but it confuses the debate in my opinion.

    you can make somebody talk with these techniques, don't kid yourself. but the point is that you can achieve the same ends by confounding their expectations of what you will do, by using smart interrogation techniques developed over decades, and by avoiding pitfalls of having your adversares think you're just like the brutal governments they grew up with. and lets by honest, long before W and Cheney came to power we, and just about every other participant in the Geneva Conventions, did just about all these things covertly when they felt they had to.

    so this debate should be about more than torture itself. it should be about why W and Cheney wanted to rewrite the previous, unspoke rules about it. and about why they wanted to do so in a relatively public way.

    i think the answers are along the lines of what I suggested above, plus the belief that they could play their position for domestic political advantage.

    •  because it was mass torture (5+ / 0-)

      and they needed a legal cover for themselves. Remember torture was planned long before any high level captives were caught. It was planned at the very top by guys who knew it was illegal and wanted to make it legal. Scared cowards and chickenhawks reinforced themselves that macho men needed to do these things to show they got "balls". I can see Tenent and Cheney playing it up to baby Bush and appealing to his inner cowboy.

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