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View Diary: Texas Republicans to U.S.: "Cease and desist" (409 comments)

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  •  Thank you, Dawn G! (11+ / 0-)

    I saw this diary and my very first thought was,
    "Great - another excuse for Texas bashing by people that don't know what they're talking about wrt our state."  

    Look, one of the maddening things during the Bush administration was the knowledge that people (some, not all) the world over thought Bush/Cheney et al's actions were our actions, their words were our words, that they were truly representative of every single American.  We kept wanting and trying to tell the world, "No!!  They do NOT speak for all of us!!  We hate it as much as you do!!"
    It's no less true in this case.  Rick Perry and other conservative TX morans do NOT speak for the majority of Texans.  Please don't assume they do.  Don't chop the tree down because of a few rotten apples that can be picked off and tossed away.  

    Bash Perry all you want, but please leave my beautiful state alone.

    •  Well, remember that both of the Bushes are Texans (2+ / 0-)
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      boadicea, Texas Blue Dot

      You got THAT goin' fer ya!

      Wow, I just thought of a whole bunch of Aggie jokes...

      It's cool, txflower.  We're just havin' a little fun at the state's expense.  Between Perry and the state's GOP voting on a "cease and desist" order, we gotta let it out.

      Nobody means it for real any more than the C&D order is for real.

      I've been to Texas.  It has some really nice parts.  And I'll bite my tongue so's I don't make a bad joke here.  :0)

      Celtic Merlin

      Sorry I couldn't take your call. I'm using my cell phone to make pancakes. Please leave a message.

      by Celtic Merlin on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 04:13:35 PM PDT

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    •  You probably have the same problem I do (2+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      boadicea, Wordsinthewind

      Except I'm from South Carolina.  I'll never forget the year that all the national news talked about in terms of South Carolina was Susan Smith and the Citadel.  Painful memories.

      Our virtues are usually only our vices in disguise. La Rochefoucauld

      by Parmenides on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 04:13:46 PM PDT

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      •  Yeah, sorry if I sounded defensive, y'all, (3+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        boadicea, craigkg, Brooke In Seattle

        but it does get old sometimes, and I do get my Irish up!
        And every state has it's morans, I know.  It just seems that - thanks AGAIN to the Bushes - we here in Texas are easy prey.

        And, like so many of you, I miss Molly desperately!  I believe she was the one that graced Perry with the "Gov. Goodhair" moniker, as well as referring to Kay B. Hutchison way back in the day as "The Breck Girl".  
        In fact...wasn't she the first to call GWB "Shrub"?  

        •  Hey we got Sanford (0+ / 0-)

          and Demint and Hucklberry.  Most of our republican congressman are useless so you never hear about them.  But just think you could have every well known representative of your state be a moron.

          At least we have Spratt and Clyburn.  

          Our virtues are usually only our vices in disguise. La Rochefoucauld

          by Parmenides on Wed Apr 22, 2009 at 04:38:06 PM PDT

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        •  Don't blame you a bit (2+ / 0-)
          Recommended by:
          boadicea, txflower

          W got us all outraged but really, Texas was 40+% Obama. Even the crazies can be great fun if you keep off Certain Subjects.

          "how do you do an impression of Bush Sr?  Just do John Wayne, but tighten up the ass!'- Robin Williams  

          'It takes a whole lotta soul to live in Texas'-
          Sir Douglas Sahm

    •  what I would hope for is that the majority of (0+ / 0-)

      Texans would take the steps to pick off and toss away the bad apples from the tree. No one else can do it for you.

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