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View Diary: RFK Jr Slams ABC: Headline was Purposefully Provocative and Inaccurate (239 comments)

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    RFK Jr was indeed right the first time, by implicitly including Obama in his criticism of "clean coal" supporters (although the reference to "indentured servitude" reeks of class privilege). But while ABC News did not misquote him, they slanted the headline to emphasize that he was criticizing Obama rather than the substance of the criticism.
    And they did so in bad faith. Brian Ross doesn't give a rat's ass about global warming or mountaintop removal, etc. He's just looking for any anti-Obama angle he can find. The right-wing media pushback against Obama is the biggest impediment to getting him on board with sensible environmental policies. (The Kossacks who won't hear a word of criticism aren't helping, either.)

    "Think of something to make the ridiculous look ridiculous." -- Molly Ivins

    by dumpster on Thu Apr 23, 2009 at 11:35:55 AM PDT

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      that it was a poor choice of wording, and of course the media is going to sensationalize it -- but Obama HAS spoken out for "clean coal" despite its unfeasibility, has taken money from coal lobbyists, and needs to be pushed back against as far as supporting clean coal instead of more ground-ready and cleaner proposals and RFK Jr did, certainly, include Obama in his criticisms as he did nearly all the Presidential candidates

      I just don't see where the terrible controversy is. Poor choice of words but substantive criticism, traditional media spins it into a direct attack, oh well. Obama knows where environmentalists stand on clean coal and I don't think he's wringing his hands over a news headline

      tempest in a teapot

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