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View Diary: What We Know So Far: A Torture Timeline (Updated) (217 comments)

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  •  I am beginning to really appreciate (1+ / 0-)
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    how clever the right is .. in staking out the notion of the "Blame America First"  mentality.

    It's the schoolyard bully technique.. "Do not report to the teachers or the principal the kind of crap we are doing out here on the schoolyard..or else!"

    If you report honestly and with reflection about you nation's actions in the international arena... then somehow you are on the side of the teacher/principal.  ( Geneva, UN, IAEA, Amnesty, ACLU, World Council of Churches, civilized world opinion, the world the State Department has to include in its concerns, et al )

    All these others are femmes bitches  out to castrate the American bull.

    When you have to put the screaming headline news story.. the one where an American or Americans in larger numbers are threatened or harmed .. ANY ATTEMPT to find historical context and meaning is disqualified as "Blaming America First".

    Every morning the world wakes up anew and innocent.  Therefore anything awful that threatens or harms America is inherently inexplicable.

    If you can sell that nonsense to the public via Faux News.. you can do anything to anyone.

    And while it's heartening to talk about America's image being sullied by the Bush administration's actions in this case.. Only Faux viewers are unaware the real tradition.  

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