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View Diary: Randi Rhodes Returns to Radio -- May 11 Return Date! (63 comments)

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    Hey Joe! Excellent post!  I've sent several emails, complaining about Skinner and her horrible show to my local radio station, KTLK.  I also wrote Ms. Skinner's show, complaining about her disingenuous representation of Garafalo's comments on Olbermann's show.  I thought Garafalo was quite accurate in her observations of the "tea party protests." These "protests" were promoted by Fox News, which Skinner appears on so frequently, representing the "liberal POV" (ala Colmes). She is a shill; her show is so obviously republican-lite/consveradem. Today she dissed Rachel Maddow because of some comment she made about a Detroit sports team, and got bitchy trying to defend her position on not prosecuting torture.  It's clear she doesn't have one ounce of the credibility that Rachel, Janeane, or Randi have!  Welcome back Randi--I'm looking foward to hearing your voice again!  It is much needed out here!

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