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View Diary: Diebold settles CA lawsuit Bev began for $2.6 million [Update] (143 comments)

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  •  Someone, I recall, said that Dean screamed.... (3.90)
    ...and was shrill and all kinds of other loathsome stuff....

    Seems that dedicated, impassioned folk sometimes do get a bit edgy....but, I'll take their defense of our critically ill franchise any day of the week, and just about now that franchise needs the most focused, aggressive effort to save it in it's history.

    Thank you for posting.

    "It's about America" [the one on life support and in need of heroic, immediate, comprehensive, focused treatment]

    •  Just for the record... (none)
      I'd like to remind folks that Dean DID NOT scream.

      Or at least no one in the room that night heard him do so. Therefore he was not shrill, edgy, or even particularly agressive.

      He was being drowned out by screaming supporters, none of whom happened to be holding a microphone with a direct feed to the TV sound systems.

      Every one of the 276 times they replayed that clip, until Diane Sawyer demonstrated the fallacy, was simply a lie that fit their predefined narrative of Dean being "crazy."

      As for an impassioned defense of our franchise, that is in our own hands. And the answer is simpler than one might suspect:

      We The People Do Not Concede!

      As a matter of fact, histrionic passion is not even required. Just a simple statement:

      I'm Not Leaving

      (do listen to the audio version)

      by Dusty on Thu Nov 11, 2004 at 01:56:48 AM PST

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      •  Dusty, what you write is exactly my point... (none)
        ....the use of mis-characterization of what really happened is a weapon that requires exceptional, focused effort to neutralize. In Dean's case, what actually happened was destroyed by those using the 'mis-characterization weapon' very effectively.

        Hopefully, we can disarm that weapon as we fight, every single min of every single day between now and 13 Dec 2004 to halt the disenfranchisement of our fellow citizens and force the true characterization of Democracy into the forefront of every citizen's life.

        We must take this stand now and I know you understand the importance from the writings you have posted.

        Thank you

        "It's about America" [the one on life support and in need of immediate, heroic treatment]

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