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View Diary: Diebold settles CA lawsuit Bev began for $2.6 million [Update] (143 comments)

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  •  alright, well I just went to your web page (none)
    and found something about getting involved in "a march" and then a whole lot of information about Georgia in a typeface that's too big for me to scan very efficiently. nothing about Bev Harris that I could see after a quick look.

    I looked at your diaries - a few interesting-looking diaries about voting machines, the last one on Oct. 12, nothing in the titles or summaries gives any hint of any sort of diatribe against Bev Harris.

    Did you file FOIA requests? Did your group file a lawsuit against the state of CA?

    sounds like you and Ms. Harris got some serious issues. Thanks for your work. It's very important work.

    •  Ummm, why would I file a lawsuit against CA? (3.25)
      I'm in Georgia.  Nope, no relation to California.

      Did we file open records requests?  Oh, only about 100 of them over the last 2 years.  And 159 this month.
      Here's a few of them:
      Be sure to note the dates on those documents, they detail how long we've been doing open records requests.

      Our most recent plethora of them discovered that 6 GEMS servers were stolen in Georgia June 10, 2002 and have been in the wild since.

      So, rather than complaining about the font (it's browser default size, BTW) why not read the research about the work we've done in Georgia?  It's right under the "sign up for the march" boxes, here's a short snip of it:

      Millions of Georgia Voters Have Been Disenfranchised

      Imagine living in a state where the Secretary of State was repeatedly on public record as opposing verifiable, auditable elections. Imagine also that no citizen in the state can verify whether or not his or her vote in an election was recorded correctly. Imagine still that no poll worker in the state can audit whether or not votes were summarized correctly at the precinct, city or state levels. Imagine further that the state has no capability for an election recount but only a reprint of election results. Finally, imagine that few, if any, state officials care enough about these problems to want to restore verifiable, auditable elections. If you can visualize all of this then welcome to Georgia, home of the most potentially corrupt voting systems and procedures in the nation.

      It's right there under the "march" information (yeah, Georgians are planning to march to the capitol to demand voting machine reform).  I spent the last 2 days on the radio working on it with a local deejay (Jay McLaughlin, WAOK).

      We even wrote, got sponsored and passed legislation for a voter verified paper ballot through the senate in Georgia (SB-500), addressing this issue in a REAL way.  Not with chimpanzees at publicity stunts.

      •  Good evening.... (none) are obviously doing and have done much.

        Perhaps this is not the most ideal forum to say some of the things you are saying about another person. Just a kindly suggestion, nothing more.

        And, thank you for all you are doing to save our franchise of Democracy.

        "It's about America" [the one many patriots are struggling to save from collapse]

        •  It's why I have never done so here (3.25)
          But this diary was just too, too much.  People need to understand how much damage she is doing to this cause.

          A lot of people have worked their asses off for 2 years (myself included) to see it all go down the drain thanks to Bev Harris.


          We have a REAL opportunity to make a difference.  I'll not sit back and let Bev Harris destroy the opportunity.  I've kept my mouth shut too long and allowed her to do it.

          Not anymore.

          •  huh? (none)
            How is it that leading up to the election and since ,the name associated with Black box investigations has been Bev Harris. On what basis do you claim that she is doing damage, other than her being somewhat edgy - typical for any agitator

            Who are you, what are you doing again to fight for transparency in our elections?

            •  My name is Roxanne Jekot (4.00)
              Do a search.  Then go to the web site I posted.  You'll learn all about me.

              For your information, on August 23, 2003, I challenged the State of Georgia to allow me to show them how to hack the voting machines.  It was all over the web at the time (including Bev Harris' web site) and reported in numerous papers.

              Georgia officials and Diebold threatened to have me arrested under DMCA if I touched their proprietary software.

              THAT'S who I am.  Who are you?

              You don't believe me?  Email Cindy Cohn at EFF and ask her.  Email David Dill at Verified Voting and ask him.  Email Doug Jones, or Dan Wallach, or Avi Rubin, or Kim Alexander, or Cathy Cox at the Georgia Secretary of State's office.  They'll ALL tell you who I am.

              •  Dude in NYC (none)
                I believe you.

                I'm a dude in NYC, tall, mid-thirties w/ long hair. How about you?

                •  Grandmother of 5 (none)
                  Mother to 5.  A computer programmer by profession.

                  A "damned yankee" who moved to Georgia 25 years ago.

                  •  Is there any national site (4.00)
                    which advises and organizes citizens to pursue election reform and to pursue the Diebold voting machines?

                    The ONLY reason I am supporting Bev Harris is bc no one has provided me with any other alternatives.  Write my senators and representatives...and THEN???  I am in CO.  I will write letters, attend protests, send in a donation.  I listen to Air America almost EVERY day and also read about 2-3 blogs every day.  I have seen NO other site posted that is directed to these efforts-I have heard nothing else from any one on the radio, other than Bev Harris' organization...even the beloved Keith Olbermann references her, I'm can only assume that he can't find any other natl focal point other than her either....and I don't just want to debate about whether or not it's a valid direction for my efforts.  

                    Those who can provide more information as to how and where I can get involved, do tell...and please make sure it gets to the air waves as well.  I know about 10 others directly that would find this information helpful...and know that other posters and listeners would, too.  Don't just shoot down the ONE person who seems to be doing something, AND getting some airtime, without providing some alternatives.  Please.

                •  Ha (none)
                  You just flirted with an old lady

                  Election 2004: It's the paperless evoting machines, stupid.

                  by Jonathan Ferguson on Thu Nov 11, 2004 at 02:35:52 AM PST

                  [ Parent ]

          • point is rather simple... (none)
   are obviously doing and have being doing much important work.

            Whatever Bev Harris is doing or not, at this moment in the history of our franchise, she is striving for the relevant goal -- a very significant portion of what the citizens of this Democracy use to exercise their right to vote, is compromised by the electronic/digital platform they are essentially forced to use.

            Between now and 13 Dec 2004, what our highly threatened franchise needs is for all who both understand the devastating scale of the threat and who are committed to calling 'halt' and to forcing change, must do everything possible to pull togehter.

            This is a no-shit constitutional, civil rights crisis we're facing and if we don't make it stop now -- forget about 2006.

            Thank you for all you are doing and have done.

            •  Which is exactly why (3.66)
              The work our team has completed is now sitting on the desk of several professors for review and publication.

              If we are to have an impact, we must get the FACTS published.  And we must get them published by someone with immediate credibility.  That person is NOT Bev Harris.

              It's not me either.

              And, for the last week, I have busted my ass pulling together the facts and the data these professors need to complete the white paper.

              I haven't been primping for the cameras and making patently false pronouncements of "proof" of fraud or "press coverup."

              I've completed the research, had it peer reviewed for accuracy and am now in the process of having it reviewed for content and publishing.

              The research won't carry my name because it's unimportant who gets "credit."  What is important is that the credible, meaningful and supported by the FACTS.

              Just like the pollwatching project on July 20th in Georgia which was the framework for Election Protection.  We did that work, alone, to prove it was effective and credible.  Larger organizations took it nationwide on November 2nd.  Am I proud of that work?  Hell, yes.  I'm proud that it became something MUCH bigger.

              The simple point is that Bev Harris should not be the one to carry this torch forward.  She has no credibility.

              •  I look forward to studying all your fine... (none)
       and learning from it.

                And, I'm very grateful you are proceeding in such a diligent and un-selfish manner.

                Thank you.

              •  Frankly (none)
                If you have issues with Harris, I think you should take them up privately with her...
              •  It just hurts (none)
                To see all us folks who feel the same way sniping at each other-this is going to require a lot of us working together to beat this.
                I remember reading in the Wired article that Bev didn't start as a reformer, it's just that no one else had really taken a good look before. She just got tired writing shit down.
                Now, if you guys need help in doing some research, here's one goggle monkey that is willing to help.
                I know we're all frustrated and angry, but we have one common goal-making sure the will of the people shines through this all.
                If you need to email me, you can figure it out from my profile...Let's get these f*ckers!

                Black boxes are for airplanes, not democracy. Make the vote counters accountable

                by doug r on Wed Nov 10, 2004 at 10:50:21 PM PST

                [ Parent ]

                •  Yep (none)
                  I know all about the pain - earned my stripes and all at the hand of Ms. Harris.

                  But, hey, I've been working on this issue for 2 years.  Nice to see you aboard.

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