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View Diary: Diebold settles CA lawsuit Bev began for $2.6 million [Update] (143 comments)

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  •  Which is exactly why (3.66)
    The work our team has completed is now sitting on the desk of several professors for review and publication.

    If we are to have an impact, we must get the FACTS published.  And we must get them published by someone with immediate credibility.  That person is NOT Bev Harris.

    It's not me either.

    And, for the last week, I have busted my ass pulling together the facts and the data these professors need to complete the white paper.

    I haven't been primping for the cameras and making patently false pronouncements of "proof" of fraud or "press coverup."

    I've completed the research, had it peer reviewed for accuracy and am now in the process of having it reviewed for content and publishing.

    The research won't carry my name because it's unimportant who gets "credit."  What is important is that the credible, meaningful and supported by the FACTS.

    Just like the pollwatching project on July 20th in Georgia which was the framework for Election Protection.  We did that work, alone, to prove it was effective and credible.  Larger organizations took it nationwide on November 2nd.  Am I proud of that work?  Hell, yes.  I'm proud that it became something MUCH bigger.

    The simple point is that Bev Harris should not be the one to carry this torch forward.  She has no credibility.

    •  I look forward to studying all your fine... (none) and learning from it.

      And, I'm very grateful you are proceeding in such a diligent and un-selfish manner.

      Thank you.

    •  Frankly (none)
      If you have issues with Harris, I think you should take them up privately with her...
    •  It just hurts (none)
      To see all us folks who feel the same way sniping at each other-this is going to require a lot of us working together to beat this.
      I remember reading in the Wired article that Bev didn't start as a reformer, it's just that no one else had really taken a good look before. She just got tired writing shit down.
      Now, if you guys need help in doing some research, here's one goggle monkey that is willing to help.
      I know we're all frustrated and angry, but we have one common goal-making sure the will of the people shines through this all.
      If you need to email me, you can figure it out from my profile...Let's get these f*ckers!

      Black boxes are for airplanes, not democracy. Make the vote counters accountable

      by doug r on Wed Nov 10, 2004 at 10:50:21 PM PST

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      •  Yep (none)
        I know all about the pain - earned my stripes and all at the hand of Ms. Harris.

        But, hey, I've been working on this issue for 2 years.  Nice to see you aboard.

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