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View Diary: Diebold settles CA lawsuit Bev began for $2.6 million [Update] (143 comments)

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  •  there is far more to the panhandle numbers... (3.50)
    But of course, all you care about is the fact that Democrats in the panhandle cast a lot of GOP votes.  It doesn't matter that the percentage of those votes in THIS election is out of all proportion to previous elections---and that as time goes by, the "dixiecrat" vote decreases, not increases as it supposedly did this year.

    Take Bay County.  

    Over the last four years registration increased by only 8566, but the number of GOP votes increased by nearly twice that amount (14,751) while Dem votes increased by 2208.  Looked at another way...GOP votes in that county increased by 38.2% over the previous presidential election, while Dem votes increased only 11.7%. GOP registration did increase (and, given that dem registration decreased by about 4500, one can assume that much of the GOP increase was attributable to "Dixiecrats" switching parties), but not sufficiently to account for the huge increase in GOP votes.

    Is this "proof of fraud".  Of course not.  But its also not quite as easy to dismiss with the word "Dixiecrat" as you would like it to be.  (and given clear evidence of fraud in 2000 in Bay county, its even harder to dismiss....)

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