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View Diary: Chris Matthews is a sack of garbage: liveblog (134 comments)

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  •  I think you've misjudged where the camp is (0+ / 0-)

    on this one. I don't see a lot of public support for some of what he seemed to be defending this evening.

    I used to dislike CM as much as anyone, particularly because of the whole mentality espoused by his "life's a campaign" book.

    However, after watching him for a few years, I've decided to take his sycophancy and narcissistic insecurities as part of the territory for someone in his trade. I believe the difference between him and most of his colleagues is that he's too sloppy and boorish to do a good job of masking those faults and maintaining a disciplined public persona.

    I enjoy his show, because, as another poster here said, he has good debaters on. I also feel like he knows his history.

    As far as core values, I don't think I've seen him waver on his fundamental anger over the war, his contempt for Orwellian framing tactics (primarily those on the republican side), and his belief in some sort of middle class ethic (however loosely defined that may be). Sure, I disagree with him on things - but I disagree with everyone on at least something - and I agree that his "think-out-loud" style can come off as insincere or unconvicted, but I guess I am more tolerant of that than some.

    What I HAVE started to get sick of is the general MSNBC-FOX money machine that seems to be feeding on our nation's collective outrage. The current grandstanding between Olbermann and Hannity over this childish waterboarding bet is a perfect example.

    I guess, when I watch Matthews, I might sometimes walk away puzzled, but I don't feel used

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