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    You have searched the supposed messages of people in order to butress a doomsday scenario of your own imagining.

    You misjudge Mexico City. We are not populated by Americans who faint at the drop of a hat. We are hardy and sturdy people who have survived for hundreds of years.

    Let me tell you my adventures today. I went by the park, and then went to Wall Mart. Since it was Saturday, it was packed. This all happened in Gotham City Mexico City today. About 15 per cent of the people wore surgical masks, these masks are a common sight anyway, on account of the smog.

    There was no sense of panic gnawing in people's bones or whatever. It was business as usual.

    Classes are cancelled for next week, and if there is a pandemic, it is the right thing to do.

    I suspect many of the writers of the BBC reports are too infused with panic at the thought of using the masks and react by painting a doomsday scenario. Just like their cousins to the North.

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