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  •  Owl Train to swine flu Station (0+ / 0-)

    Owl Train to swine flu Station
    April 27th 2009

    Welcome aboard the First Owl Train at Daily Kos

    Swine Flu Station

    The journey starts in Geneva

    Pick up the Geneva Tribune that a passenger left for the others
    Turned a few sheets and read;

    Man of a few Words, Keiji Fukuda is like a Governor of Influenza Responses at the WHO.
    WHO who today raise its level of Alert to 4 from a prior 3.
    It is written, with the outbreaks in so many countries of the swine flu, if we read WHO documents, we are in fact at the edge of level 5.

    Avians, in the last few years have been decimated by a virus called H5N1.
    Humans are quite luckier as a specie, they have to deal mainly H1N1.

    Because ov Avians recent sad history I listen to Keijii Fukuda when he express himself, he is a native of Mohawk Land (that man is something, borne in Burlington, Vermont, he worked boots on the ground in San Francisco in tough times, went with MSF, Doctors Without Borders, in fields of intense difficulty, became a brilliant leader in his field, was recruited by the CDC than heads to the WHO and was appointed Assistant Director-General for Health Security and Environment ad Interim in March 2009, I kind of like this Man).

    SO, while the Owl Train bullied the Fog, I pondered about Keijii..

    I’ve been around the globe so much that I am aware that Cultures generates reflexes.
    The Scientific Culture needs facts, corroborated facts.
    The various Cultures needs an Understanding and Clear Ones as TruthFull as possible.

    BTW, in the north pole you go around the World in 4 steps.

    Phase 4 means you must consolidate Humanitarian Governance, inform people, implement ‘Welcome Structures’ for possible incoming patients, and stay Cool.

    In the last  few years I became Aware of slaughtering of Millions of Avians sometimes for no reason but fear.

    As Keijii says with his wonderful smile, stay Cool, not enough data, one day at the time.

    He is right again, keep the focus on daily datas, forget speculations and fuck the conspiracies.

    Thanks DemfromCt
    Good Night All,

    Snowy Owl

    We sincerely are grateful to all News Sources for their humanitarian contributions to reduce morbidity and mortality in this crisis.

    by Snowy Owl on Mon Apr 27, 2009 at 06:14:43 PM PDT

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