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    ...would you take a plane to Mexico City in a couple months, then ride on a bus leaving from Mexico City for another city in Mexico?  -without thinking twice about, say, germs and being sick in a foreign place, and the guy next to you who looks feverish?   Sorry.  I'm personalizing this because I'm disappointed that my summer language adventure is unlikely to occur. The world over reacts to any hint of a pandemic but there is a chance that the experts in the global health agencies know more about the danger than I do. What I hear: don't worry; wash your hands; see a doctor if you have flu symptoms and don't travel to Mexico or consort with those who do (hard for me living in a border state).

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      Now - having said that, I've been to Mexico many times, and spent most of last summer (~8.5 weeks) based in Mexico City & traveling around Central Mexico. Half the time I was with a close friend who's a PhD student doing research there, half the time I was with my then-10 y/o son.

      We stayed in little Mexican hotels. I ate Mexican street food (didn't have the kid do that). We took Mexican buses from city to city. We took the Metro and peseros all over el DF.

      And y'know, I'm planning to go back later this summer for a week or so, and will probably go back for a couple of long weekends/weeks in the fall & winter, too.

      Nothing from the news this week makes me think that I need to change those plans.

      Indeed, the WHO change from Phase 3 to Phase 4, if anything, makes it more likely that I'd go. This started in Mexico; it's not staying in Mexico. Yeah - I want to know what's lethal in Mexico that's not here (yet - knock on wood), and I trust that'll be figured out, one way or another by then.

      But by later this summer - well, if it wouldn't be safe to go to Mexico, I'm not sure it'd be safe to go to Europe, Argentina, Russia ... or Queens. Or, for that matter, Portland, OR.

      Breathe. Don't panic yet, don't be too disappointed yet. Watch and wait. Who knows - it may well be fine to go to Mexico by later this summer, and even advisable. Mexico will need the dollars.

      We just don't know yet. I'm not changing plans.

      "I like to go into Marshall Field's in Chicago just to see all the things there are in the world that I do not want." M. Madeleva, C.S.C.

      by paxpdx on Mon Apr 27, 2009 at 10:07:55 PM PDT

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        I'm just really kind of surprised. I wouldn't go to Mexico now - the CDC is advising against non-essential travel there. Although by the end of the summer, it should be obvious whether there's a pandemic or not, and you are right, if there is one, we are all probably not going anywhere...

        Don't buy non-refundable tickets folks!

        "The universe is made of stories, not atoms." -Muriel Rukeyser

        by tubacat on Tue Apr 28, 2009 at 02:29:14 AM PDT

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          At this point, it's pretty widespread. In fact, Mexico City may be one of the safer places within a week or so. I won't go now - CDC says "no go" - but when that's lifted, sure.

          I have a few friends who are in Mexico now doing graduate studies. They've been asked if they want to return to the US; after careful consideration and consultation with their families and schools, they're all opting to stay. They're in several different places there; none are under the assumption that getting on a plane to come up here would be any better. In fact, getting on a plane itself might be far worse than staying in Oaxaca, Mexico City, Oaxaca...

          I've been to Mexico many times, know the city well, can get by in Spanish pretty well, know health issues well. If it's not safe to go to Mexico in July or August, it's not going to be safe to be much of anywhere but locked away in my house, eating my emergency rations. :)

          I haven't booked the flights yet, but probably will within 2-3 weeks. The flu's not the determinative factor here; some work timing is.

          "I like to go into Marshall Field's in Chicago just to see all the things there are in the world that I do not want." M. Madeleva, C.S.C.

          by paxpdx on Wed Apr 29, 2009 at 06:27:50 PM PDT

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