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    I remember when I was completing my Undergraduate degree, I totally disagreed with the approach my group took on an assignment. Instead of stomping my feet like the GOP, I worked on a "minority report".  After my group presented to the class, I got up and gave my report.

    My lecturer was impressed that I was willing to offer an alternate idea. So my group got a B+ but I got a B. The B represented good work, but I was still penalized for not finding consensus with my team.

    I tell this story to say, that the Republican Party needs to bring up alternate proposals - not just tax cuts and no gay marriage. They may be suprised that there are quite a lot of people outraged with bailouts, insolvent banks, wire tapping and more troops in Afghanistan without a plan. Should they come up with a platform that builds on some of these issues, they may get people to stop and think for a while. Unfortunately the party of no - wants to talk about bills for First Ladies, bills to prove US citizenship, whether Obama brought back swine flu to the US, socialism etc etc etc. Too bad - but good for our side . Keep it up!

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