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  •  100% as I said in my comment in the previous thrd (2+ / 0-)
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    LordMike, TomP

    If he'll do anything to survive politically, why wouldn't he switch on EFCA?

    Let me get this straight: He's a flip-floppin' political-survivor w/ no back bone who will change his view point or even his party to be re-elected...

    But some of you say he won't change on EFCA ever, ever, ever...?

    I think he thinks he has to say he won't change his mind on EFCA, because doing that assures his moderate Republicans-now-registered-Democrats that he isn't just switching to be the Democrats' lap dog and free 60th vote.

    Now, all those Pennsylvanians can call his office up and say, "Pleeeease, please switch your stance on EFCA," and he can come out and say, "I listened to my people; they want me to change. I will."

    This is good. Hopefully, the Dem-PA'ers can get a good primary challenger out there to force him to vote a little more left the next 13 months... and then beat him. Hopefully, it inspires Snowe or someone else to change party, too.

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